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What is the Upper Charles Trail?
The Upper Charles Trail is a proposed Rail Trail of approximately 20 miles in length that will connect the towns of Sherborn, Holliston, Milford, Hopkinton, and Ashland. The Trail in Holliston is 6.7 miles stretching from the Sherborn to Milford town lines. The Trail will primarily be an off-road path separated from traffic. It is planned to be built as a fully accessible trail to accommodate a variety of non-motorized uses such as bicycling, walking, jogging, and cross-country skiing.

Stone dust surface near Hopping Brook Road, 10ft wide

Stone dust surface near Hopping Brook Road,
10ft wide

What will the surface be like?
The Trail is proposed to be a 10-foot wide stone dust surface. Depending on availability of funding, some sections of the Trail, such as the downtown areas, may be surfaced with pavement. The first section installed with stone dust is located between Hopping Brook Road and South Street.

Right of Way
The entire right of way in Holliston is either owned in fee or leased. Sections owned include the area from Church Street to Cross Street and from Hopping Brook Road to the Milford Trail.

The Town is pursuing grants to install gravel and a 10-foot wide stone dust surface. It is anticipated that the construction will be funded in ½ mile sections each year. The next sections to be constructed are between South Street and the Milford Trail and between Central Street and Cross Street.


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Recreational trails are known to provide multiple benefits to the towns along the corridor. There are significant safety benefits for an accessible multi-use path. It will provide safe routes to school, increased tourism, economic benefits, historical preservation, and a boost to health and well being.

This particular trail has a wider right of way in the center of Town, recently named Blair Square in honor of Bobby Blair, a Holliston resident who has contributed so much to the Town. The park will serve as a staging area for fundraising and community events.

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